Rebranding Announcement 27 March 2018

In an industry often characterized by anonymity, we believe in promoting greater transparency about who translates your texts and in demonstrating why they are the best fit based on their unique specialization, industry expertise and experience. As our network has grown to extend beyond Lund and the lines have become blurred between translators who are members of LTT and those who are not, we realized that our current branding is no longer in line with who we are, what we stand for and how we work. The Lund Translation Team brand has therefore been discontinued.

As before, each of us can help you put together a team for multiple languages and provide the same services as under our previous branding, while showcasing each of our unique skill sets more clearly under individual brands.

David Friedman

Cajsa Lovisa Gustafsson

Carina Nilsson de Rosa

Johanna Holmgren

Linda Kramer

Örjan Skoglösa

Malin Ohlson

Noelia Garasievich